Thursday, 25 May 2017

connecting and synthesising

L.I to connect  and synthesise
In learned how to connect a story to myself, to other stories and the world and to get the point of view of the charter in the story that a read. learned it by making an example  of how to connect and  and get the point of view

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Thursday, 18 May 2017


LI: To pose questions of a shared text,To identify question
I learn how to predict predicting is like when you look at the picture of the story or book to get a little information  about the book and it also helps you ask questions. you can ask question before you read the book  when you are reading . the QAR helps you to answer questions easier so you know where to find the answer .I learnt it by  making a poster in my group in our own word so we can understand predicting. We also used different stories to practice the strategies.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Measurement recording

L.I To measure lengths using non-standard measurements
How to make a ruler using any objects. We had to make make two ruler.We had to get and object and a make rulers  I used a 3D cube and a 3D rectangle By measuring from the edge of the object I am measuring . But mostly I used  the 3D cube to measure. We had to measure 5 objects length ,depth or height
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what is waste

L.I To learn about waste and all the types of waste
learned it by making a poster about it  what is waste ,what kind of waste and sources of waste I learned what is waste , what kind of waste and sources of waste. waste is trash, garbage, food scraps ,chirpy packages .I learned it by  going on a website  first I read about what is waste then I read what kind of waste after I read  about sources of waste  

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waste type

L.I To learn about the amount of waste we produce
we learned that there are different type of rubbish. There is solid ,liquid ,hazards , recyclable and organic.This morning LS1 went to the hall.They were going to do a activity. And were separated into 4 groups.Each group had different jobs Group 1 had to get the  recyclable  rubbish  into their side  and group 2 had to get all the organic rubbish into their side and group 3 and 4 had to get all the solid rubbish into their side. We learned how much waste PBS creates in a week and we need to think about where it goes.

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

baby bear

LI: To plan a narrative.
I learned how to write a narrative. In a narrative there is title , orientation, problem, event, solution .We had to give an idea about a picture about two bear's one was a baby bear who was jumping off a cliff  the other bear was it mother . Then we had to write our ideas in a brainstorm

QAR template

LI to inference information using QAR strategy
I learned 4 types of questions, learned it by knowing the answer to a question like in the text qustion or not in the text question

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

The lorax

L.I. to identify the responsibility,caution and the connection on the issue.
We learned about causation,responsibility  and change .We learned it by having an issue to write the responsibility and the causation and the change  about the issue

measurement vocabulary

L.I. the vocabulary of geometry and measurement.
I learned the vocabulary  of measurement   and geometry  for math this term. I learned it by going on a website on google. And finding the meaning of the word that I am looking for

measurement vocabulary

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

QAR template

LI to inference information using QAR strategy
I learned to  different way 4 type of question . I learnt by reading a little story about sally there was some question for us to put in the right  4 boxes