Wednesday, 28 February 2018


                   LI: to monitor understanding of a text by using Question Answer Relationship (QAR).

 I learned what are the 4 Questions in read. They are right there, right there mean is in the text in the first paragraph. Then it is think and search in this question the answer is in the text but you have to look in other paragraphs and other pages. Author and me, the answer are not in text but you have to use the knowledge that the author gave you and your own knowledge.On my own answers are not in the text you can ask anyone even if they haven't read the book like what is your favourite sport.

This and that

LI:To compare the Olympic with PBS. This week for inquiry we had to work with a pair on our must do that was to compare the differences or same thing between The Olympics vs PBS.I worked with Matthew we had a website to help us to get facts about the Olympics and we had to use our own knowledge to find the stuff about PBS since we go to that school. first me and Matthew did the Olympics motto which was citius means fastest altius means strongest fortius mean highest. The PBS motto is strive and achieve.Then we found out the Olympics creed which was The most important thing in the Olympics is not to win but to take part. We had to find out what the PBS Whakatauki is. First me and Matthew couldn't find the Whakatauki then we finally found. It is in two languages English and Maori. First the English version care for the people, care for the land, go forward, Maori Manaaki Whenua,Manaaki Tangata,Haere Whakamua. After that me and Matthew found the logos of both PBS and the Olympics. The Olympics logo stands for all the contents of the world. Th PBS logo stand for the panmure bridge in NZ Auckland. We also did the values of the Olympics and PBS.The Olympics values are Respect,friendship,Excellence. The PBS values are CARE stands for confident, Attitude, Respect,Excellence and invasion.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

kiwi can

LI:To encourage people

This term for kiwi can our topic is fairness and fair play. Today we talked about encouraging people.first Mrs Lilly asked us what does encouragement mean i said it means supporting  people and making them believe in themselves. Then Mr Mat told what our energiser our was about tigers and buffaloes  so Mr Mat had to point towards you and you had to do the action of that animal and sound.I lesson game was called clap hop the point of the game was to not get tagged  by the taggers but we had to hop when Mr Mat clapped.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Tables conga

LI:To learn my 7 time tables. This week I played a game named tables conga. This game is all about time tables. I learned my 7 times tables to get better at it. 


LI:To learn how to play softball

This term  for kiwi sport we are learning how to playing softball.For the first week we had to learn how to throw a softball there is a 2 kind of balls that come to you one is fly ball for the fly ball we had use our butterfly hands to catch it. For the ground ball we had to use our monkeydile and crab to catch the ball.


LI:To comment on other people blog

Today I commented on Viliami's blog.It was about the three point summary.

Niuean vs PBS


Niuean sports day
PBS sports day
Who: Niuean people
Who: PBS Students
when,term 4
Where: feild,big backyard
Where: It is around the whole school

LI:To do a three point summary

This week for reading we read a book about the niuean sports day.Mr Wong asked us why they were doing the niuean sports day and I said so they could have fun.We had to make connection to the book we read to our real community's.I chose the school.


2018 winter olympics

LI:To use my smart searching skills

We learned to use our smart searching skills to find information about the 2018 winter Olympics.We worked in groups of 4 and we had to make a poster about the winter Olympics 2018 in Pyongyang south Korea. There are 92 countries competing.There is 15 disciplines. it is 9,550 km from Auckland New Zealand.

I learned it by using our smart searching skills to find information.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

blog graph

LI To creating a graph 

LI To make a graph about our blog.I learned how make a graph about my blog post my best year is 2017 and my best month is August. I learned it by first finding the data on my blog then typing it down on a google sheet and than I made a graph.

5 sentence

Name: Mojtaba  
Title: bean bag throw
On monday 19 february  Mr Wongs writing group went outside to play a game for writing.
Mr Wong first told us to go outside then be into groups of 8 and one group of 7.
Then Mr wong showed us an example than put our groups int to place and we started.
After that we had to 2 games and one time the girls one and on time the boys won.
In the game felt like I was playing for the world cup.

LI To write a 5 sentence recount.

We learned to write a 5 sentence recount.
We learned it by doing it outside and talking about it practise how to write a recount.The structure fora recount is TREE

  1. Title
  2. Reveal
  3. Evants
  4. Ending 

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

kiwi can

LI:To follow rules

On Wednesday 21 of February 2018 LS1 group B went to kiwi can.

first Miss Lily and Mr Mat welcomed us to the room.Then Miss Lily told us what our energiser was it was freeze tag.This is how you play it, there is 2 taggers once you have been tagged you have to freeze... you can unfreeze but someone that is not freeze has to tap you on the shoulder.

Then we sat in a circle and talked about rules and about the topics of kiwi can. 

We also played human boiling. Here is how to play we have to be into groups and we had to line up and rowl the ball and try and hit a person in the other team we were not allowed to move our legs.


LI:to Attribute creative creation to the owner What is Attribution,  Attribution is when you give credit to some for there piece of creation.Why we attribute images, We attribute images to show the persons work to other people that want to ask that person for something else.How do we attribute an image .

  1. link to work
  2. creators name
  3. link to creators page
  4. licences
  5. link to licences information.