Sunday, 19 June 2016

recurding a bit of my live

New car On Saturday my dad bought a new car it is a toyota car it’s like my cousins dads car but a different colour our car’s colour is white and my casnes dad's car is silva

WALT write an information report

Monday, 13 June 2016

WALT recorded a bit of my live

Beach On the beach you can find splashing waves .And hard shal’s and delicious mussels .You can find pinchy crabs and you can find creepy seaweeds on the beach you can find salty water. You can find fish,turtle,jellyfish al cand’s of sea animals axapot shark’s.And you can find surfer on splashing waves.on the beach you can find starfishes.

WALT identify 2D and 3D shapes

WALT work to gather to get the quieten

recording a bit of my live

In my house After school I walked home with my mother and brother . When I reached my house I saw the beautiful red flower .When I go up stairs I see my garden as I’m walking up stairs I see my shows when I go in my house I went up stairs and anthon I go into my room in then I went outside

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Thursday, 9 June 2016

WALT maori word's for our pepeha

WALT do recording a bit of my live

On a boiling hot sunny summer day my foot remember’s playing hockey in the ice.My hand’s remember’s the opening the could freezer. My.My arm’s remember’s throwing snow ball .My nemeses remembers the could snow .My body remembers haging the big snow man.My mind remember’s the winter will return again.

                                                     rainy                            wendy


                         snow fight       

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

WALT navigate the class site

Remember to make a copy of this document. On your copy, put your name in the document title so it says ‘Angel class site treasure hunt’ and put it in your Cybersmarts folder.

What day do we have Kiwisport (gymnastics?)

We have  kiwi sport’s on friday I find it in the weekly timetable
Write down everyone in the Circles group for maths.
Lopiseni, codez. Kordell,Eve,Mario,, Joshua, Wesley, Isaia, Sosaia, Dziah, Mojtaba, Hope T , Wiki, Rawiri, Denzel I found it out on math’s with


How many hearts are there on the Kia Manawanui tree on the homepage?
18 I found it on the kia maniawatu site
What time is lunchtime?

11:pm  I found it on the week,y timetable
What was the name of Room 6’s last blog post?

WALT look for digitil footprince for one day school
Founded on the class blog
Which group is Hiria in for reading?

Name one follow up task for writing.
Write a poem I found it in

Writing with

When was the last date Miss Ashley posted on the class blog? What was the post  about?

WALT look for digitil footprince for one day school
Founded on the class blog

What day of the week do we have music?

Friday I found it in weekly timetable
Find out what Miss Ashley’s favourite food is.
Hint: look on the ‘about us’ heart.
Choclate I found it on about us

WALT do recording a bit of my live

I wesh that I could be a scientist. If I was a scientist i will discover new things. And make new missions like jetpacks and flying cars. And I will make PS5. I will discover thing in the olden days. Like hunter’s and people who lived in the the jungle.The End

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

WALT use powerful word .

Plasmaster north voissiter’s Yesterday one family from plaster north they dari . And in palmerston north we wore nabar.And this after none they are coming to our house.And we are going to play games in my PS4 .And I’m going to play fifa 16 with mohdy Dad. Mahdy is my best friend.And she has a baby.

we have lern't to make key chan's

Today it was the last day for me to make key chain's  next week I'm doing something different. I enjoined making key chain's  very much . And I like to make some at home for me and my brother.We did it every Wednesday. I told my brother's lot''s about the key chain's.It's very fun making it.First it was difficult .First we made a fish with paper because  it was difficult to make it shrtat away

WALT find out about my favourite book and author