Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Showing respect in school

LI:To show respect in school
This for kiwi can we learned to show respect in the  school. Mr Mat asked us what do we have to do if we have to show respect in the school. He also asked what do we have to do if we want to show respect in class. First  we  did our energizer. The name of the energizer was center ball.In this game we had to form a circle. We were numbed 1 to 4. I was numbed 3. Once Mrs Page calls out one of the numbers we have to run around the circle back to our spot and try and be the first one to get the ball. For example if my number was three then Mrs Page calls my name I have to run around the circle and come to my spot then try to get the ball. After the energizer we sat in four groups.

Mr Mat asked us who follows the school rules. Then he asked who doesn't. Some people didn't put their hands up for anything so Mr mats asked why didn't you guys put your hands up. The said we think we are in the middle. The Mr Mat asked again but this time he also asked who thinks that they are in the middle. After that Mr Mat asked who agrees with the rule?, Who doesn't agree with the rules?. Then he asked what rule do you guys want to be allowed.  The first one was to let us chew gum. Mr Mat asked why. Then we said  because it is yum. Then Mr Mat asked why do you think we don't let people chew gum. I answered because they throw it on the ground and it becomes sticky.

 The other one is that not to wear school uniform. Again Mr Mat asked why do you think of that. I said so the cloth that we wear can show our personality. The activity was Bus stop. In this game we have to make 6 rows. In the rows we have to write Boy name, Girl name, food, Animal,colour, Total. You get a letter then you have to have a boy name that starts with that letter. For example P. The boy name could be Paul, the girl name could be Page, the food can be potato, and the colour can be pink. But if another group has the same Boy name,Girl name,Food,Animal, Or  Colour then you both only get 5 points but if you get different Boy name,Girl name,Food,Animal, or Colour you get 10 points.

Te Huarere/The weather

LI:To tell the weather in Maori
This week for Maori we  learned  to tell the weather in Maori. We had to tell the weather for Sunday,Monday,Tuesday, and Wednesday. We had to have photos for the weathers. We also had to search places in New Zealand. We had to look up wanaka, wakatipu, and Tai Rawhiti.

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