Thursday, 12 April 2018


LI:To learn to write a recount using the skills that we learned in the term.
This week for writing Mr Wong writing group went outside and played a new game called Zombies. After that we wrote a recount about what we just played using the skills that we learned this term.

maths game.

LI: Using standard written form to solve subtraction and addition problems.
This week for maths we learned a new game. This game is a maths game.This is how you play it. You have to draw a rectangle then you have to draw a line in the middle of the rectangle. Then you have to draw horizontal lines to have 6 places in each sides.One side is the 10 values and the other side is the one values.You have to have a 9 sided dice when you role the dice you get to choose to put it in the the 10th value or ones value . The goal is to get as close as you can to 100 you can put the goal higher like 1000.I also learned how solve subtraction problems in standard written form.

LS1 minute to win it Olympics

LI:To cooperate as a team.
Yesterday we had our LS1 Olympics. But we didn't do the  Olympic games we did the minute to win it. For our Olympics Mr O and Mr Wong chose six of them. They were
Stack attack
A bit dicey
Back flip
This blows
Ready spaghetti.
On Wednesday we had to chose some one from your team to compete in one of those activities. Each person from a team  has to compete at least in one of those activities.I competed in this blow and back flip.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018


LI:To give feedback to people. This week I commented on Bella's work about a maths game.

Making connection

LI: to make connections to a text. This week for reading we learned how to make connections. There is three way you could make connections first one is text to self witch mean when you compare your self to a text you read about. The second one is text to text which means when you compare a text to another text. The last one is text to world which means when you compare a text to the worlds. We learned it by reading a article about the commonwealth games NZ two silver medals and one gold medals. Then we had to make a poster about making connections.

kiwi can

LI: To learn about conflict resolution. This week at kiwi can it was our last kiwi can session for term one. We had the option of to watch a movie or play games. We got to vote.People wanted to play games. So we played games. Then we voted what inside game we wanted to play. We chose The ball game that you had to get the ball through the other persons legs, We also chose infinity tag. But before we got to ply we had to answer three questions in order to play the games.If we got them wrong we would have to watch Mr Matt drinking coffee.We got them all right. For the first game we had to choose a person to be competing for our teams and we had to pull a hula hoop in order to touch the cone by your group to get a point. The we played the ball game where we had to make a big circle. We had to get it through someone in the circles leg to get them out.Who ever lost had to join another game of that but with the people that were out.Then we came back to class.

Commonwealth games

LI: to work together in a group and make a poster.

This week M.O.M.A made a poster about the Commonwealth Games. We had to answer 7 questions on the poster. The questions are " questions 1 is provide a picture of where the 2018 commonwealth game is. Question 2 is how far is the gold cost from panmure bridge school. Question 3 is how long does the Commonwealth Games go for. Question 4 is how many countries are competing. Question 5 is provide the logo, motto for this years games. Question 6 was Provide information on 3 NZ medalists from this games (Who are they, what sports, what was the winning time/distance. And the last question was who is Sophie Pascoe. When we finished we had to go show our teacher and see if it was good enough to get blogged.

By working with a group.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

team whakatoki

LI: To make a team whakatauki in English.
Today me and my group M,O,M,A had to make a whakatauki. our whakatauki was make your dreams a reality. we also had to put our emblem and motto on the google draw. we found out what our whakatauki is in maori and this is how you say it Hanga he moemoea moemoea. Our team all decided on one whakatauki.

I learnt by working together as a team.