Tuesday, 10 April 2018

kiwi can

LI: To learn about conflict resolution. This week at kiwi can it was our last kiwi can session for term one. We had the option of to watch a movie or play games. We got to vote.People wanted to play games. So we played games. Then we voted what inside game we wanted to play. We chose The ball game that you had to get the ball through the other persons legs, We also chose infinity tag. But before we got to ply we had to answer three questions in order to play the games.If we got them wrong we would have to watch Mr Matt drinking coffee.We got them all right. For the first game we had to choose a person to be competing for our teams and we had to pull a hula hoop in order to touch the cone by your group to get a point. The we played the ball game where we had to make a big circle. We had to get it through someone in the circles leg to get them out.Who ever lost had to join another game of that but with the people that were out.Then we came back to class.

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