Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Kiwi sport

LI:To Pitch,Field, and Bat.

This week for kiwi sport our teacher was Ash. We played a game similar to a real softball match we played scatter ball with some softball rules like if the batter bats the ball high and the fielder cached the ball in the air the batter is out.But still if if we batted we had to bat off the T next week people will pitch. The fielders had to ware gloves.


LI:To learn to partner numbers
For prodigy I am a level 54. In order to level up we have to win battles with creatures. On the way we can capture the creatures to make them your pets.My highest level of my pets is 15.When can hit the creatures by solving a maths equations then you can hit them.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018


LI:To give feedback to someones blog post.
This week I commented on Farzana's blog post about there team logo.

Team logo

LI:To create a logo for our team.This for inquiry we started on making a Logo for our groups in my group we have Matthew,Oscar, and Alice. But the teams are for a reason it is for the LS1 Olympics.Mr O and Mr Wong got materials for the LS1 Olympics. We made a logo about our favourite sports and other things we like to do.Our name is M,O,M,A standing for Mojtaba,Oscar,Matthew,Alice. The colours represents the colour of our country The Yellow stands for Niuean , The blue stand for New Zealand, and the red stand for Afghani.

Art intensive week

LI:To write a recount about art week

This week for writing we had write a recount about art week.We had to add the structure of a recount TREE (Title,Reveal,Event,Ending,) It also had to have the language features. Like past tense.

My writing

Pop Art

Last week on Tuesday LS1 started to make a special piece of art. That was called Pop art. We looked at Pop art and at a famous pop artist named Andy Warhol. He drew lots photos of celebrities like michael jackson. We were going to be greatest artist ever with these skills.

First we got into groups of three people. Then we had to make a poster that had to have information about Andy Warhol and Pop art. After that we started to make our first step which was to go over the lines of our pictures with a blue pen. After one person finished that step Mr O stopped everyone  which was to go by a window and turn your photo around and at the back we had to trace the lines that we went over with the blue pen but with big fat lines with a pencil.I first just went over it then I made them big and fat and dark lines.

After learning about the first & second steps we learned the third one was to stick or picture to a piece of paper then we had to go over the outlines again but this time with a different colour pen. this time we had to go hard not hard enough to go through the paper. Because if we didn't we would have to start again from the start.But luckily I didn't have to start again.The third step was to get one light coloured pastel and pastel the parts that are white.I chose blue. Then we did our 4th step which was to start to paint the black space in our picture black.The final step was to go over the outlines with vivid.Then we blogged it.

Art intensive week was a really fun I really enjoyed it. Some steps were hard and some were easy.I felt like younger version of Andy Warhol.They looked so cool.

Kiwi can

LI:To learn to try everything.
This week for kiwi can our energiser was to called rock paper scissors. So in this game we had to find a partner and play rock paper scissors the loser had to go in the back and be cheering the the winner. And if your partner that won you lost to a another person we both have to go in the back of his or her back and cheer him or her. Our lesson was about trying everything. We had to talk about why it is good to try everything and why it bad.The game we played for our lesson was called charades. In this game we had to go in group one or two or three I was in group two.We had to chose one person from your group first I went up it was only a practice round. The point of the game was to try everything no matter how hard it is. Lastly we had to do GKQ we went into four groups. Ever group had a different buzzer.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Maths strategy

LI:To learn maths strategy. This week for maths we learned strategy's that help us subtract like place value. Place value is my way that I solve subtraction questions.I learned it by having examples.