Thursday, 6 July 2017

tamaki wrap

L.I. to is to find and learn about plastic

I learned to make stuff out of plastic and how much plastic Auckland produce in a week  .After morning tea before we went to tamaki wrap  Mr Ogilvie made us in 4 groups I was in the 4 rth group . We had four tables in each tables we had to do different activities in the first table I went was about how many rubbish Auckland producers in a week  We learned that Auckland produces rubbish the size of a rugby field.

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The hungry tortoise

L.I to plan and write a narrative quickly

I learned to write a narrative in  40 minutes and plan in 5 minutes.And use a simple compound and complex sentence in my story.I learned it by practising for 4 weeks each week we did a different part of a narrative. After 4 weeks we started writing  fast and about different picture throw the week we have learning how to use similes simple sentence and compound sentence  and complex sentence.

the hungry tortoise

Monday, 3 July 2017

Roald Dahl

LI to interact and comprehend a range of narrative texts

I learned to research the author of the story named The Giraffe the Pelly and me.The author of this book is Roald Dahl.I learned it by I went on google and searched facts about Roald Dahl.I did this on a google slide. I worked With Mele Florence and Fui We all searched out the same author because they were in my group .

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Haunted house

LI: To plan and write narratives quickly.

I learned to write in 40 minutes and plan for 5 minutes   because when we take a test that is how much time we have to write a narrative test. I learned it first by  using a story organiser. First we wrote a narrative in 4 weeks that was just our practice then we started to write stories in 40 minutes about pictures.  In our narrative text we had to have a simple sentence, compound sentence, and a complex sentence and a simile in it.

Here is my story
Matthew, Mojtaba and Aung Naing were 10 years old.They lived in a town named Fun. It was halloween. They each got a costume. Matthew wore a Hulk costume, Mojtaba wore an alien costume, and Aung Naing wore a Naruto costume.They were living very close to each other.One night they saw a haunted house. Matthew said, "who volunteers to discover what is inside of that haunted house?" Mojtaba and Aung Naing responded, " We do!"Mathew said, "Let's go and discover what is inside tomorrow night OK". The tomorrow night they all came to the same place they was before.They knocked on the door the door magically opened they all said "WOW!!!!!!!".Minutes later they were walking then they bumped into a Ghost Matthew shouted" Ruuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!".They Run as fast as a cheetah.They were in a the corridor Aung Naing said "let's get out of here" But they couldn't find there way out. Throw the corridors they saw lot's of picture of old people Mojtaba suggested that those people were the president. They also saw a picture of a kind of gun they all said "That is the key of destroying the ghost" Matthew said "How do we find it " Aung naing responded "it is in a room inside this house.They found two rooms which on is it in. They choose door number one they saw a chest with three gun's that looks the same as the picture they saw.They took one each they hided until the ghost when the ghost was in they shot him . And then saw a door that said exit they ran as fast as they could run out of the house they all went home sad because they had no candy.they told their brothers and sister the story.


L.I to measure the angles using a protractor   

I learned to use a protractor to measure the angle of a pie fraction shapes.I learned it by working with Lukah we both first learned how to use a protractor.We learned it by putting the small circle around the point of the pie shape  then we had to use it to measure the angle of pie fraction  shapes. We also had to take a picture of it and write how we did it we had to do 10 slides

Venn diagram

L.I to interact and comprehend  a range of narrative text

I learned to write the difference  and same thing between other characters in the text. I learned it by comparing two of the charactors from the book named the Giraffe the Pelly and me.I compared them  on a google drawing by making a Venn diagram.If you don't know how a venn diagram works this is how it works you write the difference on the sides and the same in the middle.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

running the length

LI: to learn how to measure time.
LI: to identify the units of time in order from shortest to longest.

We learned how to measure time.We learned it by adding how many second and milliseconds it took each member of our group to run  the length of  the hall. We recorded how fast we ran  the length of the hall on a google spreadsheet.