Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Chris Destructive Fart

LI: to write a quick narrative for the Manaiakalani Film Festival
This week for writing we had to go in groups of three or two and write a narrative for the manaiakalani film festival. It had to be about the LS1 Olympics in term one.The main character is Chris Ding Hkawng. The the narrative was about Chris having uncontrollable fart.


LI:To swim
This term for kiwi sport we are swimming. First the year three's went then the year six's went last. I was in the year six group. We went right after morning tea. We were first tested out of our skills then we were taken to another level that fit our level. I went to level three. I was tested in level one. First the teacher asked us to swim to see how we swam then she asked us to float on our back and paddle. When  I went to level three we learned how to entry we where asked to get one of our foot and let it go down  then bend our knees. Then we did stream line that was easy. But then we went into the skelly. That was super hard. After that we did the skelly but this time we had to float on our backs.That was hard too. I enjoyed it.

What is media?

LI:To learn what media is.
This week for cybersmart we learned what media is. Media is a app or website where you can get or give information. For example email (gmail) is media.In email (gmail) we get detailed information from friends or coaches. For example if your friends wants you to help them to finish a work with them they would share that work with you and ask you to help them.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

kiwi can

LI:To set a goal.
This week for kiwi can we had a new topic and theme. The new topic is goal setting, and the new theme is resilience. Our energiser was called order up. In this game had to  make a vertical line. If Mrs Lilly say to make a line from smallest to biggest we had to do that without talking. Then we sat down in four lines. We discussed about what resilience and goal setting meant. Resilience means if you have something to achieve and you fail you don't give up. Goal setting means something that you want to achieve. At the end we played up and down. This game their was to teams the teams had to choose a goal between 100 and 1000 our group chose 500. We had to get 500 points first if we wanted to win. We did win

Multiplying fraction

LI:to find fraction of whole number of  amount  using multiplication and division, This week for maths we learned to multiply fraction. We do that by multiplying the numerator with the number you want to multiply it with. We had to make an animation to show how we can multiply fraction. 

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Duffy show

LI:To not bully
This Monday we had 3 people come to do a show for us. Their names were Melanie,Duffy,and Ashley. Their show showed us how a person is a bully. If you do these things or if anyone else does this to you they are bully's: don't let you attend in games, steals your lunch, teases you, and does this repeatably. They showed us that if you read it would help you reduces stress. All these shows that the Duffy theatre do for us are about showing us how it is important to read. I loved their show it was fun. Especially the part where played  soccer.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Quiz time

 LI: To learn about MRS GREN
This week for inquiry we had  a quiz about MRS GREN. The quiz was to show how much we have learning this term. Our group didn't come first we came second. During the term we have being learning about what living.