Thursday, 16 November 2017

Raz Kids

LI:To read and understand.

Today I read The mystery's wind It was about a girl named Taba she was trying to help her poor village.Once she went on the  mountain and she saw a mystery's  wind The wind asked what wish do you have she said some food for my village.3 weeks later the wish came true.


LI:To learn to comment the smartly
Today I commented on Aung Naing blog

kiwi can

                       Kiwi can

This week at Kiwi can we played two games and talked about respect. For the first game we played Knights, Gentlemen or Horses and we had to walk around and if it get pick; for knights we had to go on our hands and knees while our partner put their hand on our shoulder and when horses pick we had to act like we are on a riding a horses next when they said gentlemen we had to sand between your parent and put you hand on the slide. Also for our other game we were split into two teams, the team that I was in had to flip cones onto their backs while the other team had to do the opposite. In the two matches that we played each team won

Table conga

LI:To learn my 7 time tables
I learned my 7 times tabla learned it by playing table conga.

Kiwi sport

LI:To learn how to play badminton

Today it was a fun day with Kevin we started off playing stuck in the mud.Then we had to play relays with a partners.After that we had to have relays but this time on a net.After we had competitions with other piers me and Te pounamu won some and lost some. I enjoyed it. It was fun.

keyboarding drills

LI:To type fast

I learned to type fast by using all of my fingers.
I learned it by placing my finger on the right place at the right time


LI:To learn about people in the community.

This week we did for Inquiry we did Trades and we had to chose two for our pairs and we did Electrician and builder and we had to copy a teacher fact on the wall and for builder and Electrician and we have to write the teacher fact is real or fake and we had to look for a fact.Then we had to attributed a image.