Wednesday, 20 December 2017

lots of family

LI:To write if I want nine kids in my family.

For this activity we had write if we wanted to have a big family why or why not. I wouldn't want lots of people in my family because I don't like take care of more younger brothers, I would rather get to enjoy the time I have.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

tables conga

LI:To learn my 7 time tables
I learned my 7 times tabla learned it by playing table conga.

My favourite meal

LI:To write about my favourite meal

My favourite meal is chocolate cake.I like it because it yum with the cream.  

Image result for chocolate cake


LI:To comment smartly.

Today I commented on Matthew blog on his summer learning journey blog post about his dream job.

dream job

LI:To draw my dream job

For this activity we had draw our dream jobs. And my dream job is I.T. it stands for information Technology.I like using computers because it makes life easier than normal. I could make lots of slides and drawings.I used a google drawing to make this picture.


Monday, 18 December 2017

wharepuni / home

LI:To write the differences  between my house and a wherepuni.

For this activity I had to write the differences between my house and a wherepuni.  One differences is that they don't have lots of room it only has one big room and my house has lots of room for example a kitchen.A second differences is that the wherepuni has design and my house has no design. One similarity  is both has shelter.One other similarity is that both of them have door.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Waka ama

LI:To learn what waka ama is 

A fun fact about NZ is that they still use waka's for transport and sport.For this activity we had to write why we want or don't want to be a waka ama racer.I don't want to be a waka ama racer because I don't like to race in the water also I am scared of the sea animals in the sea. I have bean in a boat in the sea before it scares me.

Image result for waka ama
photo by Wikimedia commons   cc by some rights reserved.