Thursday, 6 December 2018


LI:To give feedback to people.
This week I decided to comment on Andrews blog post about perfect tense. His videos were good videos but he could of highlight the inflection that he is making a video for.

SSR Selfie

LI:To read a book and understand.
This week I read a book about captain underpants and the  booger boy. In this book a boy named Melvin turns himself into a supper booger boy.

Basic facts

LI:To learn my basic facts
This week I decide to do my addition. I enjoyed doing my basic fact.

Jane Addams

LI:To research about Jane Addams.
This week for inquiry we had to choose a activist to research about. My and my group mates chose to research about Jane Addams. Jane Addams was part of the NAWSA(National American Woman suffrage Association). She was also the creator of the Hull house.

Here is a link to my  document. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Find, draw, act, and animate

LI: to learn a whole bunch of new words.
 This week for reading we learned new words such as Thwart and Fetid. We did this so our vocabulary would we better than it is know. Before we got into our real must do we had four example, the examples where Thwart, Fetid, Encroach, and Opulent. The meaning of Thwart is not letting someone from accomplishing something. Fetid meaning something that smells bad. Encroach means taking someones land from them. Opulent means someone who is wealthy and wants to show people that he/she is wealthy. For this must do we had to work in a group of three. I worked with Matthew and Vayan. After we finished finding the meaning of those words we had to go on a website that had more words we could learn.

Perfect tenses

LI: to identify verbs tenses: Perfect Future, Perfect Present, and Perfect Past This week for Writing we learned new tenses. The tenses are perfect future, perfect present, and perfect past. Perfect future tells us what will happen continuously but stops at a specific point. Perfect present tells us what is happening continuously but stops at a specific point. Perfect past tells us what happened continuously but stops at a specific point. A example is of a perfect past is Mojtaba had been playing soccer. Example of a perfect present is Mojtaba has been playing soccer. EXample of a perfect future is Mojtaba will have been playing soccer. For our DLO we had to write twenty verbs, make seven videos out of twenty of them and inflect them all.

Kiwi sport

LI:To box.
This week was the last week for boxing with Paxe. We did boxing in our class. When we it was group B's turn we had to get into partners and then choose who is partner one and who is partner  two. I chose to be partner two and Karlos was partner one. Paxe said "partner one has to get glove and partner two has to get two noodle". Once everyone was ready Paxe told us the first combo, Jab, cross, guard, right uppercut, and left hook. I t  was hard for me to keep up with Karlos because he boxed fast. Next combo was jab, jab, cross, bridge, and cross. I liked to do  this combo because it was fun. The last combo was jab, cross, left hook, u roll, and left hook. After that we swapped jobs Karlos did the noodle work and I got the boxing gloves.