Tuesday, 19 June 2018


  give people feedback.
This week I decided to comment on Chris's blog post about fractions.


LI:To infer information from a text.
This week for reading we learned a new strategy called inferring. Inferring is when you use the hint that the author of the text has gave you and your own prior knowledge to get in between the lines(find out what the other is trying to tell you.). We learned it by reading a text and then writing what we infer. 

Kiwi can

LI:To be responsible.
This week for Kiwi can we talked about owning up to something you have done. Our energiser was called Shark attack. Then we talked about owning up to something you have done. For example If I broke the window and Mr O comes in and says "Who broke the window" and I say" Matthew". Matthew will get in trouble instead of me. That was a bad example. But If I said "I did it" Matthew wouldn't been in trouble.We played hand soccer. It was Boys vs Girls. We were numbered 1 to 14. I was number 4. We could only use one hand. Boys won 9-4.Then we had time to do GKQ . This for kiwi can we got twenty five points.


LI:To learn how to make a fish.
This week for Maori we learned about wellington and who's idea it was to name it wellington. We read a book about Naki and Whaitaitai. Naki made a harbour and went into the sea. But Waitaitai didn't want to go. After a couple days he missed his friend he tried to go by Naki but he got stuck. We also made fishes with two pieces of paper.

Monday, 18 June 2018


LI: To Count in fractions forwards and backwards to a named whole number.recognise the whole of an object, part of an object and equal parts and their names. This week for maths we learned abut fractions. We learned about Numerators and Denominators. Numerators is the amount that you have from the whole. The Denominators is how many times it get divided for example 3/6. The 3 is the numerators and the 6 is the denominator.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Kiwi sport

LI:To play rip rugby.
This week for kiwi sport  we learned how to work as a team and pass backwards and not front words. We learned it by going into four teams and play a game of rip rugby. I was in team two our team vs team 1 we won them a lot. At last we vs another team we draw 1 - 1. We were against team 4.

Circulatory system

LI. To difine respiration. This week for inquiry we had to finish the tasks. My group completed two tasks. I worked on the Haiku poem with Farzana, Matthew, and Lukah. And our whole group worked on the fish bone but we did different parts of it then we changed it up because some of the information was false. We showed the work to Mr. Wong and we got 1 credit for the Haiku and 2 credits for the fish bone.