Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Kiwi sport

LI:To box.
This week was the last week for boxing with Paxe. We did boxing in our class. When we it was group B's turn we had to get into partners and then choose who is partner one and who is partner  two. I chose to be partner two and Karlos was partner one. Paxe said "partner one has to get glove and partner two has to get two noodle". Once everyone was ready Paxe told us the first combo, Jab, cross, guard, right uppercut, and left hook. I t  was hard for me to keep up with Karlos because he boxed fast. Next combo was jab, jab, cross, bridge, and cross. I liked to do  this combo because it was fun. The last combo was jab, cross, left hook, u roll, and left hook. After that we swapped jobs Karlos did the noodle work and I got the boxing gloves.

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