Thursday, 20 December 2018


LI:To stop loggers.
For this activity we had to tell you guys if loggers should be allowed to cut down trees.
I think they should be allowed to be cut down trees, but after the have cut down a tree they have to plant another tree to replace it.
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  1. Hello again Mojtaba, it's Billy here from the Summer Learning Journey team.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the logging issue. You've suggested a brilliant idea, well done!
    For every tree they cut down they should have to plant another one.

    My thoughts were that it takes years for a tree to grow but only a few minutes to cut one down.

    We certainly need to be really careful about how many we cut down.

    Can you think of any other reasons why we should be careful about cutting down trees?

    Thanks, Billy.

  2. Hi Mojtaba!,
    It's great that you participated in the SLJ programme. My opinion of logging is that they shouldn't be allowed to cut down trees. Would you be a logger?
    Great Work!