Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Kiwi can/Fun week

LI:To have fun.
This week was the last week for kiwi can. We normally call this fun week. Before we started to have fun we went everything that we learned this term. The Them for this term was Respect. The three topic that we learned this term were  Respect for school, Respect for community, and Respect for our environment. Once we did that we had to try and do all the catch phrases to be able to move to the fun part.

Mrs Page and Mrs Piho helped us by doing them for us so we could remember. After they did all of them we had to try and them. After we did that we had tell them what we enjoyed about kiwi can. My favourite thing was everything that we did. Then Mrs Piho asked us what was our favourite  game. Most people said Octopus and invisible touch. But I wanted to play hand soccer. But we only played Ten second tag, Invisible touch, and Octopus.

At the end we did GKQ. I Sulia was the starter then it was me who beat. I was beaten by Alice. The winner was Sione T.   

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