Thursday, 20 December 2018

My hotal

LI:To make a hotel.
For this activity we had to name where we wanted to make our hotel. We also had to keep in mind what material we were going to use. The two main material I was going to use is cedar wood in the inside of the hotel and for the outside I am going to use concrete brick. I also have a example of one of the room.


  1. Ciao mojtaba
    I like your mirror you made what is the thing by your bed anyways do more blog posts even better

  2. Hello again Mojtaba, it's Billy here from the Summer Learning Journey team. I've really enjoyed checking out your design and reading the description for the hotel room. It's awesome that it's 3D too. That must have taken ages to create.

    Where is your hotel located?

    How much does it cost per night?

    Is breakfast included?

    Thanks, Billy.

  3. Greetings Mojtaba!
    Your hotel bedroom looks really good. I made my hotel bedroom simple because all you need is a bed to go sleep. If you had a large deck what would you put outside. I would put a pool outside and more fun things. What is your goal for blogging?

    Keep it up Mojtaba!
    By Chavda