Thursday, 29 November 2018


LI:To give feedback to people.
This week I commented on Chris's blog post about algorithm. He did really good.#

Jack stalwart

LI:To read a book.
This week I read a book called The cap of the crown jewels Great Britain Jack Stalwart. This book is a about a boy name Jack who works for a spy company to help people around the world.


LI: to identify verb tenses. LI: to identify the verb tenses: present simple, past continuous, future
This week for writing we did the same thing as last week but this time we had to learn about the continuous future, simple present, and continuous past. The present simple talks about a general even that happens in the present, sometimes in the past, and will probably happen in the future. To make a sentence using simple present you need <verbs.>The continuous future talks about something that will keep on happening. If we want to make a sentence using continuous future you can use will be + ing +<verb>. The continuous past tells us something in the past that kept happening. To make a sentence using continuous past you need to have was + <verb> + ing.


LI: to explore some definition of peace This week for Inquiry we first wrote Antonyms, and Synonyms of peace. We did this as a group of five. After we wrote the synonyms and antonyms of peace, we split our group into 2 & 3. Then we went onto our first DLO which was on a slide. On the slide were pictures and we had to describe the pictures by using three words. We also had to make sentences using those three words. Also in each picture we had to write the perspectives of each side. Next we had to describe what peace meant to us on a Google Drawing.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018


LI:To name places in Auckland in English.
This week for Maori Mrs Odie made a document about the places in Auckland/ Tamaki Makaurau. They were in Maori our job was  translate them to English.

basic facts

LI:To learn my basic facts.
This week I chose to do basic division like 2 divide 4=2.

Kiwi sport

LI:To counter attack a attack.
This week for kiwi sport we learned how to counter attack.  The first one was called a counter for the guard first we had to guard then had to jab. The person with the noodle had to hit them on their guard and get their other noodle ready for the jab.

The second one was to do the bridge then move forward then cross. The person that had the noodle had to try and hit his partner and then get it read for the jab.

The third one to do one move that we didn't have time to do last week and it was called slip. For the slip we had to use our legs to get our heads out of the was. after we had to don the slip we had jab and cross. The person with the noodle has to try and aim for the top of the head of the partners head then get the other noodle for the cross.

The last one was a counter for the roll. For the roll we had to do the roll then do the right uppercut if we did a roll to the right.

Kiwi can

LI:To show respect to our environment
This week for kiwi can we had a new topic which is respect to our environment. Mrs page asked us some things in our environment. Some examples are trees, water, and grass. Then she asks how could we show respect to our environment. Some examples where not to litter, and picking up rubbish even though it is not yours.

Our energizer was called snake. In this game their is one person who has to go on the ground and wriggle and try and tag everyone. Last person standing wins.

Our activity was called Tic Tac Toe. In  this game we had to get into groups of five people, then choose the name for your group. Our teams name was called the "Footballer" . Mr Matt put three chair in three rows. He tells us if we are X's or O's. When he says go we had to sit on one of the chairs and do the sign that you are in. First team that make a group of three wins. Our group won the game.


Thoughts and emotions inference

LI:To infer the thoughts and emotions of characters.
This week for reading we had to infer the characters thoughts and emotions. Inferring is to use hints from the author to find out more about the book/short film. Before we started we watched a short film. That we used to infer the character thought and emotion in that short film. After that we had to go in our reading groups and make inferences in our groups. Then make three more inferences by our self.

We had to take a screenshot of the part of the film that we want to infer about. We also had to copy the link of the time that we inferred to our DLO's. 

Web suring

LI:To be safe on the web.
This week for cybersmart we learned what do we need to remember to be safe on the web. For example if we get a email from some one that says watch this video. What do you do? To help us do that we played a game that helped us to be smarter web surfer. The game had levels for years three to eight.

Multiplication Algorithm

LI:To explain multiplication algorithm.
This week for maths we had to choose one of three  DLO chose that we had left and make it. I chose making a poster. For the poster I chose to do multiplication. For the multiplication we had to explain algorithm. I chose to do 1 digit by 2 digit and 2 digit by 2 digit. I number that I use to do for the 1 digit one was 21x7. For the 2 digit one I chose to multiply 25x11.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018


LI:To give feedback
This week I commented on Alisha's blog post about his trenches. Great blog post from him. I liked the part where he told us about what he did for Inquiry.

Basic facts

LI:To learn my 6, 7, 8, and 9 times table.
This week for basic facts I learned my six, seven, eight, and nine time  tables. For this I had to fill in the boxes. I think I will memorise these equation. I enjoyed this task.


LI:To learn about the three  tenses.
This week we learned about the three tenses witch are simple past, continuous present, and simple Future.For this task we had to make a google slide get twenty verbs that we have to  show in a  video either for the simple past, continuous present, or simple Future. We had to work with a partner. I worked with Giovanni. If we want to talk about the  simple past we have to use the ed/d to any word but some you don't need to use it for. For the continuous present we had add ing to it. For the simple future we had to use will.


LI:To defend our selves.
This week we learned howto defend ourselves. Before we got into that we played a game where there is a cone in the middle and the two people had to try and get the cone the fastest. I was partnered with Matthew he was a challenge for me. I tried my best and only succeed once. Then he got to go and get his gloves. I had to help him. First we learned about the guard. It is basically you are in your rock passion and just had to move your hands up to your head.

Then we learned the bridge. For the bridge we basically had to move back so the punch couldn't reach us. The opposite person had to get a noodle and try and hit that person but not to hard.

The last one we had time for was the U role. For the U role we had to role under the punch. The opposite person had to put the noodle on you right shoulder. So we had to swap the shoulders by doing the U role.

SSR Selfie

LI:To read a book.
This week I read a book named "Worlds fastest cars in the world". This book gives me lots of facts. Like did  you know in 2015 Toyota Camry was the most popular factory-made car in the United states. It can get up to speed nearly 130 miles (290 kilometres) per hour. That is about half the speed of the fastest super cars,  the venom GT.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

addition animation

LI:To make a animation about addition.
This week and for the four week we had have to choose to make DLO for Multiplication, Division, Subtraction, and Addition. The DLO's  had to be Animations, Poster, Slide show, and video. This week I chose to do addition and the DLO  is a animation.


What can you tell

LI:To infer.
This week we had to complete a  google slide with photo. We had to look very close and spot things that the author is not telling you. We had to work in pairs. My partner is Spelman.  We had to give each other  idea's, we had to work in pairs because some people need help.

Trench warfare

LI: to learn about trenches
This week we learned about trenches and how they were used. Before World War One people used trenches to trap the enemies, and shoot them down with Bows and Arrows. Nowadays people use trenches for defence. So in our slide we wrote about the bad health conditions, and about the trenches. We also talked about No Mans Land. No mans land is in the middle  of the trench's. The reason that it is called no man's land is because no one wants to go there.


LI:To say fruits in Maori.
This week for Maori we first looked at a video about how the north and south of New Zealand was made. We had to make a google drawing  to show people fruits in Maori like Panana and Kerepi. We had to work with a partner but make different drawing. We had to do learn about four fruits. Matthew and I had to do Banana, grapes, cherry, and mandarin 

Kiwi can

LI:To show respect for the people  in our community.
This week for kiwi can we had the same theme and the same topic. But this week we talked about what can we do keep our community safe. Some ideas where to don't start a argue, and treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

The energizer was save your legs . In this game we had to form one  big circle and had to stretch our legs and  try to protect it with your strong hand, if the ball goes between your legs you are out.

Our  activity was called hand  soccer. In this  game we had try and get point by using our hands to get the ball through two cones. Our teams name was the All Whites. And our opponent was called the cookie potato. Cookie potato won but we did our best and manged to get 6 points.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Art work

LI:To make a art inspired by Max Gimblett
This week last week we made three pieces of art work called Quatrefoil. This art was inspired by Max Gimblett . Max Gimblett is a New Zealand artist who currently lives in New York.  He is famous for his art he made for the people who died in Gallipoli.

The first one had to be in the style of Max Gimblett because he makes lots of quatrefoil art. My Max Gimblett one represents my name. The M stands for Mojtaba and the S stands for Sayed. The flowers represent that I like to play outside.

The second one had to be about Armistice. The cross represents the people that died in World War 1. The poppy is a sign of peace.

The last one had to be about Christmas. I added stripes. The stripes represent the joys of Christmas. I added presents too. The presents represent a new start.

SSR Selfie

LI:To read and understand what I read.
This week I read a book about a boy named stink got money from his dad because he  did well in his test at school came to a store and finds  something awesome named inter galactic Jawbreaker. But his sister  want his to by her self candy.

Mounted art

LI:To make a piece of art.
This week had to make the last touches to our three pieces of art. This week we had put a our art works on a big piece of pepper. We had to choose our layout. But some spaces were left so we had to write why we used the the patterns and the colours.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

basic facts

LI:To learn basic multiplication and division,
This week I worked on a google sheet that helped me learn about the basic multiplication and division. It was easy but it will know help answer the answer fast unlike at first when it took a long time answer.


LI:To learn new combo's for boxing
Today we did Boxing. For boxing this week new combos and we also practised our old combo's, because we missed out on one of our season. First combo  was jab,jab,and cross. We had to do this with  a partner. My partner was Karlos. But  before starting the first  combo we had to do rock pepper scissor. Who ever wins had to get a boxing glove on. The partner that lost had to help that person to put on their gloves. We only had 30 seconds. The second combo was jab,cross,left uppercut,cross. Partner one had to do that while partner two had get a noodle and held it in front of partner one so he could practise their combo. Then we did jab,cross,left hook, right  hook,left uppercut, and right uppercut.


LI:To give feedback.
This week I commenting on Fanini's blog post about his three art works.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018


LI:To learn about paikea.
LI:To learn how humans where made.
This week we learned how the first human was made. we read a story about a god that closed his eyes and he made a structure out of the earths clay. At first it was a normal structure until the god put his head on the structure head and sighed. When he sighed the structure came to life that is how the first human was made. We also had to make a DLO about Paikea.


LI: to learn about rhymes from Dr Seuss books
We made slide of Rhymes, and explaining them. This was a group activity. In my group was Xavier, Oscar, and Chris. In our slide we wrote what a rhyme is and tell the type of rhymes such as a Assonance, a Consonance,End Rhyme, and a Alliteration. We had to explain all for of them including examples of them from a Dr Seuss books.

Author study

LI:To study on an Author
This week is reading week so we did a study on a creative author name Dr suess(Toreador suess Geisel). He is the author book such as Cat and the hat, and green eggs and ham. He also made a movie about the cat and the Hat. In this study we had include when he was born, where he was born, and what year he was born in.

Kiwi can

LI:To show respect to the people in our community.
This week for kiwi can we had the same theme and topic. It is showing respect to our community. We first talked about who is in our community. Some examples are Emergency service such as police officer,Fire fighters, and Doctor. Then we got to the part where we had tell Mrs Page about how we could show respect to the people in our community. Some idea of showing respect to the librarian is to be quit so they shouldn't come and tell you guys to be quit.

Our energizer was remote. In this we had to  follow the what Mr Mat says some examples are play, Pause,rewind,and fast foreword. If we went the wrong way we were out. I won the first round but not the second round. Our activity was inadvisable touch. In this game we had two teams and when Mr Mat said a number we had to go without getting touched and  reach to the other side.   

Thursday, 8 November 2018


LI:To give feedback.
This week I commenting on Fanini's blog post about his three art works.

Jet ski

LI:To add numbers.
This week I played a game to improve my addition. It is called Jet Ski. In this game you can play with your friend.

SSR Selfie

LI:To read a book and explain it.
This week I read the same book as last week but the other part this weeks one is about Matt and Jayden scoring the first point. Jayden's mother is in the Hospital.


LI:To learn about Paikea.
This week we read a book about a young man called Kahutia-te-rangi or Paikea. He is the chiefs son. He is the oldest brother. His brother Ruatapu is jealous that he had fame and didn't because his mother was a slave. So Paikea asks the gods to help him they sent him a whale he road that to New Zealand. We first came to whangara. There he had a wife, and then he traveled to whakatane. He had a wife their too.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

kiwi can

LI:To show respect for your community.
This week for kiwi can  we  learned to respect people in our community. But first we had to find out a community is. A community is a group of people that are in the same area come together to form a community. Then we had to find out how we could show respect to our community. first Mrs Page asked  what can we do at home to show respect tour house because our house is a part of our community. Then she asked what could we do to show respect in a shop.

Our energizer was called catch me if you can. In this game we had to form a circle. Then make our left palm straight and our right index finger. You had then place you index finger on the person on the right side of you left palm. Once Mr Mat said go we had to take our index finger out of the persons palm before that person catches you finger. At the same time you have to try and catch the person on the left side's finger.

The activate was called ten second tag. In this game we had to go outside.Mr Mat say a persons name and that person has ten second to tag someone if he does then that person has the time remaining to tag some else. If a person was tagged and the tie finished they are out.

Max Gimblett

LI:To research about Max Gimblett.
This week researched on someone named Max Gimblett. This person is a famous New Zealand artist. He was born in December 5th 1935. He grew up in Auckland. He currently lives in New York city. He makes Quatrefoils. What is so special about him: He made a art to show that he respects the ANZAC. He made a piece art for  the ANZAC who lost their lives. He hung them in Auckland St Davids Church. This art was made on the 31st of July 2016. The artwork was a lot of gold coloured Quatrefoil and it had a note that said “Remembrance”. We had to make a DLO about Max Gimblett and his art of remembrance . We had to work in partners, I worked with Farzana. At the when we finished that we had to make our own Quatrefoil. We had to make three, the first one had we to do it the style of Max Gimblett, the second one had to be for armistice day, and the last one had to be for Christmas.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

manaiakalani film

LI:To make a movie
LI:To watch the manaiakalani films.
This week on Wednesday afternoon we went to Sylvia park to watch the movie/ films that the school in our cluster made. we watched some awesome films in the Sylvia park cinema. Our class's film came first. It was about a minute to win it challenge called a bit dicey. In this fill/movie Fau and Charlize  were in one team and Victoria and Alayah where in one team. Fau and Charlize won. But Victoria and Alayah wold not accept that they lost. So they started a big fight at the end Mr Jonson came and the movie  finished. If you want to see the movie here is the link to it.

My favourite one was the Tamaki college one where they made a remix of the song by drake.
Here is a link to it.

St Patrick's movie

LI:To give feedback to other people's blog
This week we went to the film festival. St Patrick also came. Room 7 made a movie about our identity. They explained the parts of how we can find out other peoples identity in order to make new friends.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Armistice day


LI: to learn about the causes, conflict & resolution in World War One
This week we are doing a DLO about Armistice day. We had to work with a partner. In our DLO we had to listen to a song called the “Last Post”. The Last Post is a song for telling people that war time is over, also the Last Post is a song of remembrance for those people who sacrificed their lives for us. We listened to two version one was played using a trumpet, and the other electric guitar. Then we listened to two poems. One was “For the Fallen”, and the other was Ode of the Remembrance. We had to write information about “For the Fallen”, and write why we say the Ode of Remembrance still to this day. Then we talked about Poppies, and talked about why it’s still used.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

SSR selfie

LI:To read books.
This week I read Extra time this book is about a boy named Matt who is very good at soccer. Everyone in town wants to challenge Matt. And Matt accepts all of the challenges.

Jet ski addition

LI:To add
This week I did jet ski addition. In this game they asked addition questions.


LI: to learn about the causes, conflict & resolution in World War One
This week for inquiry we went onto the WW1 interactive notebook and filed in two of the slides, the first slide was about the new weapons that were invented. The categories were air weapons, sea weapons, and land weapons. We had to have three weapons for each categories. I was in charge of the sea weapons, Lukah was in charge of the air weapons, and Chris was in charge of the land weapons. We had to put photos of the weapons. In the the last box we had to write what the difference was. The second slide was about the battles of world war 1. In this slide their were question and we had to find answers to them by using the websites that were linked in our slides.


LI:To give feedback.
This week for commenting I commented on Chris's blog. It was about conflict resolution

Conflict resolution

LI:To analyse the story and find the conflict resolution.
This week for reading we had to read a story named U-Turn. We had to find the conflict and resolution. We could do that by making a story interactive story board. In this we had to  ask question and the audience has to try and answer the question .


LI:To box
LI:To to do the hook, the uppercut, jab, and cross.
This week was my first  week going to  boxing. I learned to go into the the rock position. The rock position was safety position.  Then I learned to jab. We jab with our left hand. We punch straight for the jab. Then I learned to do the cross. The cross is the same as the jab but we have to do it with the right hand. After that we learned to do the hook. First we have to the left if we are doing the left hook but if we are doing  the right hook we have to spin towards the right. We basically have to have our elbow 90 degrees and the fists stops about the part of the nose. After all that we learned to do the uppercut. The uppercut is like the hook but we have to punch up in the air. Last of all we learned to move forward and backwards.

math equation

LI:To make a math equation using fractions and times table.
This  week for maths we had to make a equations using the multiples of 5,4,and 3. We worked in groups  of three or a pair or if we think we can do it on our own we can work by our selves. I worked with Chris and Lukah. For my equation I used James Rodriguez and Paulo  Dybala. We had to illustrate. 

Evaluate writing samples using PBS writing rubric.

LI:To evaluate writing sample using the PBS writing rubric.
This week for writing we had to check our work for using the PBS writing rubric. We had to first check our structure and Language. We had to highlight the structure features in gray. But if had a big mistake we had to highlight in a different colour like purple. same with the language features. I estimated that I got a R3/R4. I need to improve on using more language feature like first person and not second person. I also need to  use past tense. For the structure part I need to have more description for the event and reveal  part.