Wednesday, 27 June 2018


LI: To show how an organism does each characteristics that all living things do.
Today I learned in my group to make a video about how a Cat does the seven characteristics of life (MRS GREN). MRS GREN stands for movement, respiration, sensitivity, growth, reproduction, excretion and nutrition. My group and me made a script so we can talk off of, and we made a slide show with videos and pictures so when we record people will have a brief image on what it really looks like. Today I learned by working as a team.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018


LI:To give feedback to other people.
This week I commented on Alisha's blog about commenting. He did awesome. Here's a  ink to Alisha's blog.


LI- To understand corresponding fraction, decimals and percentages.

LI- To understand mixed number, improper and equivalent fractions .
This week for maths we carried on with fractions. But this week we had to compare fractions with decimals and percentages. We learned it by making two DLO about fractions, decimals, and percentages.

Show vs tell

LI:To write a descriptive scene.
This week for writing we focused on writing describing paragraph. We learned that by looking at a scene and writing first a boring paragraph then a describing paragraph.The picture was a Dad and her daughter went to the beach.


LI:To infer information from a text.
This week for reading we are still focusing on inferring. But this week every group has their own book to infer about. Then we had to make a comic strip about what we inferred. To help us record our inferences and to help us record the evidence we used a google doc.  Our group is read a book called Man and the sea.

cyber smart

LI:To interact on the internet in a kind, positive, and helpful way.
This week for cyber smart we learned about netiquette. It means the correct or acceptable way of using the Internet. We learned it by making rules for how how to behave on the internet. We had to make a simple google drawing and write rules of how to behave on the internet on our own. 

kiwi can

LI:To accept the consequences.
This week for kiwi can we focused on accepting or consequences. Our energiser was called snatch that cone. In this game you have to vs some one else. You bot have to take one step back. The when Mrs Lilly says the magic word we had to get the cone. If you go get the cone when she doesn't say the magic word you are out. In this game the magic word was cat. Sandra won. Then sat in a circle we talked about to accept our consciousnesses. First he asked us what was consequences meant. We didn't get it until he gave an example then we got it. Then he asked if we know what are the consequence of doing something like fighting then why do we still do bad things. After that we played hand soccer again but this time it wasn't girls vs boys it was mixed. Team 1 vs team 2. I was in team 2. Team 2 won by 2 points.


LI:To make stuff out of string
This week for Maori we had to make stuff with string. The easiest was the parachute. The other ones were complication. Mrs said told us at the beginning that this is a test of patients. We learned it by watching videos, My friend Fanini helped me learn how to do the parachute.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018


LI:To brainstorm. LI:To write a 18 sentence Narrative. This week for writing we had to write a 18 sentence narrative. About a lost dog. We had to choose a name for the dog. we chose Tom. We wrote the Orientation together as a class. But the other parts we had to write on our own for example the problem.

Here's my narration.

Kiwi sport

LI:To play rip pa rugby.
This week for kiwi sport it was our last week for kiwi sport. We played all games. We didn't get ready to play. We got separated into four teams I was in team one. Team four and 2 won the whole tournament. We game second. In my team we had: Sandra, Nicole, Jayden, Andrew,  Jordan, Akuhata, Miiana, and Myself.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018


  give people feedback.
This week I decided to comment on Chris's blog post about fractions.


LI:To infer information from a text.
This week for reading we learned a new strategy called inferring. Inferring is when you use the hint that the author of the text has gave you and your own prior knowledge to get in between the lines(find out what the other is trying to tell you.). We learned it by reading a text and then writing what we infer. 

Kiwi can

LI:To be responsible.
This week for Kiwi can we talked about owning up to something you have done. Our energiser was called Shark attack. Then we talked about owning up to something you have done. For example If I broke the window and Mr O comes in and says "Who broke the window" and I say" Matthew". Matthew will get in trouble instead of me. That was a bad example. But If I said "I did it" Matthew wouldn't been in trouble.We played hand soccer. It was Boys vs Girls. We were numbered 1 to 14. I was number 4. We could only use one hand. Boys won 9-4.Then we had time to do GKQ . This for kiwi can we got twenty five points.


LI:To learn how to make a fish.
This week for Maori we learned about wellington and who's idea it was to name it wellington. We read a book about Naki and Whaitaitai. Naki made a harbour and went into the sea. But Waitaitai didn't want to go. After a couple days he missed his friend he tried to go by Naki but he got stuck. We also made fishes with two pieces of paper.

Monday, 18 June 2018


LI: To Count in fractions forwards and backwards to a named whole number.recognise the whole of an object, part of an object and equal parts and their names. This week for maths we learned abut fractions. We learned about Numerators and Denominators. Numerators is the amount that you have from the whole. The Denominators is how many times it get divided for example 3/6. The 3 is the numerators and the 6 is the denominator.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Kiwi sport

LI:To play rip rugby.
This week for kiwi sport  we learned how to work as a team and pass backwards and not front words. We learned it by going into four teams and play a game of rip rugby. I was in team two our team vs team 1 we won them a lot. At last we vs another team we draw 1 - 1. We were against team 4.

Circulatory system

LI. To difine respiration. This week for inquiry we had to finish the tasks. My group completed two tasks. I worked on the Haiku poem with Farzana, Matthew, and Lukah. And our whole group worked on the fish bone but we did different parts of it then we changed it up because some of the information was false. We showed the work to Mr. Wong and we got 1 credit for the Haiku and 2 credits for the fish bone.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Japanese and Lattice methods

Develop the “Japanese” and “Chinese” method for multiplication outside the basics facts. This week for maths we learned about two new strategies called the Japanese and the lattice methods. We learned it by making a DLO about how to do the Lattice and the Japanese methods.


LI:To give feedback.
This week I decided to comment on Karlos blog. Karlos blog post was about Maori. He talked about Matariki. Here's a link to Karlos blog

Narrative reminders

LI:To identify the structure and languages features of a narrative.
For writing we are learning how to write a narrative. We learned it by making a DLO about how to remind our selves of how to write a narrative.

How our muscles get tired?

 LI: to self monitor understanding of words and phrases.LI: to research the meaning of unknown words and phrases.The text you will be reading is Why Do Our Muscles Get Tired? Read until page 4. As you read enter words that you don’t understand or words you think other people might not understand. Enter the words in the following. This we for reading we read a article about why our muscles get tired. Our focus was to self monitor to understand the text that we are reading. We had to record a flip grid explaining what we read about and three words that we don't understand.

Link to my video

The password is LS1isthebest

Kiwi can

LI:To show honesty.
This week for kiwi can we got a new topic it is accountability.  Our theme is integrity. Our energiser was copy me. You play this games by one person that is the captain. The captain  has to get cards from Mrs Lily. Each card stands for one thing for example Jack stands for 15 sec of fortnite dances. At last we have to count how many cards we have got we came second with fifteen cards. Then we talked about honesty. Then we played buddy move. In this came we had to find a buddy. Then we had to follow Mrs Lily's instruction. If she says banana we had to swap were we are. If she says apple we have to go under our buddy. If she says fruit salad we have to swap buddy's.


LI:to learn about Matariki.
Matariki is a Maori new year. PBS will celebrate Matariki by singing songs and eating food. We will do this in week ten. Matariki  starts on the fifteenth of June. We did a word search,  searching  for twelve Maori words. We are going to have a sausage sizzle during  the celebration. We are all going to perform a song about the seven stars of Matariki. The song goes like this: Waiti, Waita, Waipurangi, Tupuanuku, Tupurangi, Ururangi e  , Koinei nga tamariki o Matariki, Nga whetu e piatata i te rangi (x2).

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Current events

LI:To find out new things about the world.
This week for current events I read a article about Real Madrid against Liverpool. The man of the match was Gareth Bale. Because he scored two great goals that made his team win their third title in a row.

Retail vs online

LI:To find the advantage of retail shopping and online.
This week for cyber smart we looked at what are the advantage of online shopping and in person shopping. We had to talk together in a group to find out the advantages of shopping online and in person. We first talked about what are the advantage of in person shopping. The advantages are:  You can receive the item faster than you do when you purchase it online, so you can by the right size if it was clothing's or shoes, so you can try it your self to see if it works, so you can get the right product. The advantages of buying stuff online are: They are cheaper, you can be lazy, Available online but not in store, don't have to travel, You can buy items from overseas that aren't available in NZ.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Kiwi Can

LI:To show integrity.
This week for kiwi can our them and topic were the same. Our energiser was called cat and mouse. In this game one of the person is the mouse and one is the cat. Other people are like the traps for the cat and mouse.After that we talked about role models. Mr Mat asked us how does it feel when you are a role model. After that we played Catwalk. In this game we had walk like the person that Mrs Lily writes down on the board.I had to verse Alayah. We had to act like John Cena. At the end all of us went to act like Bruno Mars It was boys vs girls.


LI:To learn about matariki.
This week for Maori we learned about Matariki.  Matariki is a Maori new year. It happens every year on 15 of June. We know if it is Matariki because seven bright star appear in the sky, and their names are: Matariki, Waita, Waiti,  Uru arangi, Tupu arangi, Tupua nuku, and Waipuna a Rangi. In English, it is called the Pleiades. In Japan It is called Subaru.
We watched videos. I watched This one. We celebrate by having a feast and singing song. Also some people make kites.