Thursday, 31 May 2018

site reveiw

LI:To sumerise a text useing keywords. 
This week for reading we had to read a explantion on a site that was called national geographic kids. The explanatation explained what the organs in the digestive system do. We had to read this and get the keywords from it. Then useing those keywords we had to sumerise the site.

volume and capacity

LI:To recognise the need for a standard unit of volume
LI:To estimate and measure to the nearest litre
LI:To relate the litre to familiar everyday containers

This week for maths we had to measure the volume of two items, and we had to mesure the capacity of that two items. I worked with Matthew. He helped me mesure the volume and capacity of the two items. We also had to make a flipgrid and explain what volume is and what capacity is. Here is a link to my video.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018


LI:To write detailed paragraph.
 This week for writing our focus was to write a detailed paragraph. The structure of a detailed paragraph is S E E. S stand for statement, E stands for explanation,and the other E stand for ending. We learned it by  re writing what Mr Wong wrote but this time with more detailed paragraphs.


Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Kiwi can

LI:To show integrity.
This week for kiwi can we played bang for our energiser. Then we talked about role models. Mrs Lily asked us again who our role models are I said Messi and Ronaldo, because they are good soccer players and I want to be like them. They also show respect most of the time.After a couple of answers Mrs Lily asked us what do our role models do to be a role model. The after all of that she asked us what we could do to be good role models. Our lesson was called toothy fruity. If Mr Matts said apple we had to hop forward if he said orange we had to hop backwards bu if Mr Matt said banana we had turn around.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

kiwi sport

LI:To play rip rugby. This weeks focus was ripping the rips on other peoples belt. First we play a game called everybody it but with a rip. Then we played a game called ball rush but we had to take their rips of instead of touching it. Finally we played a game like last week but instead of touching them we had to take their rips of then they had to pace the ball.


LI:To give feedback to people.
This week I commented on Mathew work about his maths.


LI:To identify keyword from a text. This week for reading we had to do another finding keywords task. But this time with a different text. Maleficent and Thor did the article about super senses, and Percy Jackson and Harry Vader were doing counting kakahi. Kakahi is a type of clam. Kakahi have a in and out siphon. The in siphon sucks any food around it in the water and then that goes to the palps the papls sort out the food and waste then that goes out of the kakahi body from the out siphon.

Digestives system

LI. To define digestion. This week for Inquiry we had to finish the compulsory tasks. Victoria and Farzana did this presentation. Farzana used my research skills in order to find some of the information. We explained two of the related organs that help the digestive system such as- Liver, and Kidney. The kidneys wash the blood and take all the waste products from the blood into the gallbladder which gets stored then released.

Earthworm digestive system

The earthworm digestive system is a complex cycle, the cycle starts with- prostomium, pharynx, esophagus, crop, gizzard, intestine, and anus. A digestive system is a group of organs or body parts helping something or someone digest the food they have been given or eating.

Earthworms swallow food through the mouth. A flap, called the prostomium under the mouth holds the worm’s food in.

The food travels down to the pharynx. It gets lubricated in mucous, which makes it slimy and slick.

The slimy food travels down the esophagus. It gets mixed with calcium carbonate which neutralizes the acid.

The crop is a storage zone. The slicky food gets mixed together again.

The gizzard churns and mixes the food. The gizzard churns the food for the earthworms because they have no teeth to grind the food themselves; in the food there is very tiny rocks and sand grains that helps grind the food, also a chemical digestion starts in the gizzard.

The paste then travels to the intestine. The volume of the earthworm body is made up of the intestine, the food passes through the earthworm and intestine, while it travels through kind of bacteria starts to break food down, so the blood vessels that line the intestine can take in the nutrients into parts of the body.

When all the waste travels to the end of the intestine the anus will take all the waste out so it can be a healthy earthworm. It will release its urine, the digestive system’s style is a complex cycle or system.

Prostomium covers mouth, food in pharynx, into esophagus, crop stores food, gizzard churns food, travels intestine, exits anus.

This process or cycle is like the human digestive system because humans have acid in the stomach that breaks down the food or chunks we have not chewed.
LI. To compare digestion in humans and other living organisms. This week for inquiry we had to finish the compulsory tasks. Farzana wrote an eighteen sentence explanation because we did this for writing. We did the earthworm digestive system. I think the earthworm digestive system is complex. Farzana got one credit for my group, we now have sixteen credits in total.

The Digestive System
LI. To describe the stuctures and perspective functions in the human digestive system. This week for inquiry we had to finish the compulsory tasks. Farzana drew the digestive system she tried her best. Farzana got two credits for The Quizzers which is my group. We are now on to eighteen credits. My group is trying to get twenty five credits so each one of us can buy one question. 

Digestive System Word Ring

LI. To explain what the main organs in the digestive system do. This week for inquiry we had to finish the compulsory tasks. Mojtaba, Matthew, Lukah, and Victoria did this activity. They got two credits for this. We had to write the main organs in the circle and the out it the more unrelated the organs are. We coloured the circle in our favourite colours. my favourite colour is red, Matthews favourite colour is blue, Victorias favourite colour is baige and Lukahs favourite green. Farzana favourite colour is cyan. Then we had to write a description.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Earthworm digestive system

LI:To write a 18 sentence explanation
LI:To write basic paragraph.
This week for writing we had to write a 18 sentences explanation about a earthworms digestive system and how it works. So that meant that for each part we had to write two sentence. The focus was to write basic paragraph.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Volume and capacity

LI:To Measure Volume and Capacity. This week for maths Mr O's groups had to measure the volume and capacity of two items. We can measure the capacity of an item by measuring the width the height and the length of an item. The volume however is different the volume is how much a item can hold another item in it.

Kiwi can.

LI:To be a role model.
This week for Kiwi can we had a new topic is is being a good role model. Our theme is still the same (integrity). Our energiser was called doggy doggy, in this game one person has to wear a blind fold so they can't see. That persons job is to protect the pen. The other people jobs is to try and get the pen without being hit. Then we talked about role models. First we talked about what role model means to us. Then we had to name some of our role models I named "Messi and Ronaldo. Then we went to our activity, our activity was called who is missing. In this we had to find out who was missing out of our class.


LI:To learn Maori emotion.
This week for Maori we learned how to write four different types of emotions in Maori. We also had to draw it. The first one I did was "I am cold" which in Maori is "Kei Te makariri". Then I drew the emotion angry which in Maori is "Kei Te Riri". After that I drew I a person that was hot, which in Maori is "Kei Te Wera". And finally I drew a person that was happy, which in Maori is "Kei Te Pai".

Thursday, 17 May 2018


LI:To give feedback to people.
This week I commented on Mathew work about his maths.

Kiwi sport

LI:To play rip rugby. This week we had our first rip rugby season with Hamish. We played games based to how to pass the ball and how to spread out. First game we were not aloud to move with the ball but we could pass the ball to who ever is free in your team. But in the other game it was the same but you could move with ball ad pass.


LI:To play soccer

This week on Wednesday some people went to point England reserve to play soccer against other schools. In the morning we got changed into our sports uniforms. Then after roll call we went outside the hall and lined up and did another roll call to see if everyone was there. then we went inside the bus, I sat next to Lorenzo on the bus. When we got there Mr O, Offa, and Matio  set the gazebo for us to put our bags and wait for our turns. First it was the year seven and eights turn. The year seven and eight red vs stone field and the Year seven and eight white vs Panmure distracts. PBS red won eight nil against panmure distract. PBS red lost. Our first game was against Point England blue. We won 5 to 2. We had a great start. Our second game was against stone field. We lost 4 to 2. Our third game was against panmure distract  we won 3 to 0. Our fourth game was against St Pius we won 4 to 1. Our final game was against Silvia park for third and fourth place. We tied 1 to 1.

ten sentence Explanation

LI:To write a ten sentence Explanation. This week for writing we had to write a ten sentence explanation. We did this because so we could learned how to write a proper explanation. We used a template.


LI. To define sensitivity and describe the structures and respective functions in the human nervous system.
This week for Inquiry we had to do tasks that is based on sensitivity. We had to do the elictive and the compulsory tasks in order to get credits so we can buy questions. At the end of the term LS1 is going to have a quiz which is based on ‘Living things’, if we get five or more credits we can buy a question which will allow us to buy questions for the quiz to win at the end of the term. The Quizzers (us) in total have nine credits which means we can buy one question, if we have one more credit we can buy two questions for the quiz. We are called ‘The Quizzers’ because we like quizzes and we like winning quizzes. Our group contains the following people- Victoria, Farzana, Matthew, Lukah and Mojtaba. We chose these groups because everyone in the group is good at different things. Victoria is good at blogging, Farzana is good at multitasking and getting things done fast, Matthew is good at , Lukah is good at drawing, and Mojtaba is good at helping people.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


LI:To make estimations of length and area.
This week for maths we are learning about measuring.  We had measure one thing with millimetres one thing with centimetre and two things in metres.


LI:To identify keywords  from a text. This week for reading I learned about keyword and how to identify it. Keyword are the impotent word in a text. We had to read a book/text about the nervous system.

Thursday, 10 May 2018


LI:To give feedback to people.
This week I commented on Matthews blog post about the divider.

rip rugby

LI:To play rip rugby. This kiwi sport season we were focusing on rip rugby.But before that we had go into partners and number our self 1 and 2. People that number themselves 1 had to wear a bib and go inside the box outline by the bibs. The people that were number two had just go in the box outlined by four bibs. we played everybody it. We played it with teams. Then we played tag with the rugby ball. After that  we played a game that we had to pass the ball back to the bib.


LI:To plan and write a explanation.

This week for writing we had to write a explanation about the nervous system. But I think I have wrote more of an information report.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Nervous system

LI:To search for research materials appropriate for our reading levels. This week for reading we learned about the nervous system. It was a challenge we had to find four sources of information they are a library book, a school journal, a internet text, and a video. Harry Vader had to work with Percy Jackson and Maleficent and Thor had to work together.  


LI:To learn how to introduce our self in Maori .
This week for Maori we had to make a google slide. It was about how we introduce our self in Maori. For example we had to write it who our brothers are.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Kiwi can

LI:To show integrity.
This kiwi can season we played opposites and we also played terminator tag outside on the courts.


LI:To split division into parts using known multiplication and division facts.
This week for maths we were introduced to a website like the multiplier. I solved the problem by splitting it into a half and answering it. I used 72 divided by 4.I recorded it on a google drawing.

Thursday, 3 May 2018


Our must do for this week we learned to comment properly.We learned it by follow the words Positive, thoughtful , and helpful. We always have to start with a greeting for example hello or KIA Ora. Then we have to write something positive about their work like I like how you laid out out your work.I thoughtful example is where is the LI. Finally the helpful sentence an example is how long did it take for you to finish?.


LI:To identify an explanation text through its features.
This week for writing we learned about what a Explanation is.Then we had to make a DLO about how it would remind me about how to write a explanation. A explanation is when you write why something happens or how something works.

The multiplier

LI:To split a 2 digit number into tens and ones
This week for maths we got introduced to a new website called The Multiplier.I used 23x4. I split these in 11x2 and 12x2 because it is easier for me to solve it.  

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Kiwi Can

LI:To Show integrity
This week for kiwi can we had a new them and a new topic the theme is integrity our topic is making good choices.

Writing purpose and text type.

LI:To assess Author’s Purpose and determine the reliability of information given in the text.
This week for reading we had to read 4 different stories and for each stories we had to find what text type, what the purpose is, is the text reliable, and who the audience is for the text was for example a narrative for the text type, the purpose to entertain, reliable yes why because  it is for entertaining purpose, and the audience are kid and adult.