Thursday, 17 May 2018


LI:To play soccer

This week on Wednesday some people went to point England reserve to play soccer against other schools. In the morning we got changed into our sports uniforms. Then after roll call we went outside the hall and lined up and did another roll call to see if everyone was there. then we went inside the bus, I sat next to Lorenzo on the bus. When we got there Mr O, Offa, and Matio  set the gazebo for us to put our bags and wait for our turns. First it was the year seven and eights turn. The year seven and eight red vs stone field and the Year seven and eight white vs Panmure distracts. PBS red won eight nil against panmure distract. PBS red lost. Our first game was against Point England blue. We won 5 to 2. We had a great start. Our second game was against stone field. We lost 4 to 2. Our third game was against panmure distract  we won 3 to 0. Our fourth game was against St Pius we won 4 to 1. Our final game was against Silvia park for third and fourth place. We tied 1 to 1.

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