Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Find, draw, act, and animate

LI: to learn a whole bunch of new words.
 This week for reading we learned new words such as Thwart and Fetid. We did this so our vocabulary would we better than it is know. Before we got into our real must do we had four example, the examples where Thwart, Fetid, Encroach, and Opulent. The meaning of Thwart is not letting someone from accomplishing something. Fetid meaning something that smells bad. Encroach means taking someones land from them. Opulent means someone who is wealthy and wants to show people that he/she is wealthy. For this must do we had to work in a group of three. I worked with Matthew and Vayan. After we finished finding the meaning of those words we had to go on a website that had more words we could learn.

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