Thursday, 24 August 2017

point of view

LI:What is a point of View

I learned what is a meaning of a point of view. I point of view is when you have a different story then someone else  or a different idea of something. I learned it by writing two paragraph about what my point of view is on what sport is the best.

this is my two paragraph
rugby vs soccer
My point of view isn't that rugby is the best sport in the the world because people get hurt.My opinion is that soccer is the best sport ever because it is a non contact  that means that now one will get hurt and it is fun to run around it is also good for you foot muscle. In soccer you can also be faster because in a soccer field you have to run to find space  to get passed to.

Rugby is not a bad sport but  I think that soccer is better because of the non contact. Here is why I like soccer.Because It my family's favourite sport, because you get lots of money, because I want to be fast and not to be lazy. That doesn't mean that rugby is dumb it just means that my point of view is different.
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