Wednesday, 7 March 2018

kiiwi can

LI:To learn what a good and bad leader is
This week  For kiwi can we had a new topic it was leadership.Leader means when a person in your team or group. The person that tells you what to do and encouraging you. We looked at what a bad and a good leader is.Our energiser was called hammer. We had to find a partner.With your hands you had to make a fist and put them on top of one and a another. When Miss Lilly said  up if she said up the the persons fist that is at the bottom can goon the top and if she said down the person fist on the top  has to  put I at the bottom and if she says hammer! the person fist at the top had to smash there fist on top of the other persons fist if the person that was successful would find another partner and play with him or he.or lesson was called copy me in copy me we had to make three groups the person in the front was the leader. Miss Lily, Mr Mat, Mr O. Gave each group the same action then they tapped the person in front of them on there should and showed the action the team that at the end got the move right had won.

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