Tuesday, 27 March 2018

kiwi can

LI:To learn what to do when some is upset.
This week LS1 group B went to kiwi can. This week we have a new topic, conflict resolution.Conflict means argument, and resolutions  means solving problem. Our energiser was 21. We play this game by trowing a ball around a circle and while we are doing that everyone else were counting up to 21. When we reach 21 the person with the ball is out.Our lesson was called guess the emotions. We went into 4 groups the person in the fronts of the group has to guess the emotions. The other people in the group can help by acting it out. The emotion is written on the bored the person in front is not allowed to see the bored.You were not allowed to say it. Last we played GKQ. Our buzzer was hello.

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