Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Kiwi can

LI:To learn to try everything.
This week for kiwi can our energiser was to called rock paper scissors. So in this game we had to find a partner and play rock paper scissors the loser had to go in the back and be cheering the the winner. And if your partner that won you lost to a another person we both have to go in the back of his or her back and cheer him or her. Our lesson was about trying everything. We had to talk about why it is good to try everything and why it bad.The game we played for our lesson was called charades. In this game we had to go in group one or two or three I was in group two.We had to chose one person from your group first I went up it was only a practice round. The point of the game was to try everything no matter how hard it is. Lastly we had to do GKQ we went into four groups. Ever group had a different buzzer.

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