Wednesday, 6 December 2017


LI:To write a narrative
I learned to write a narrative using a booklet that could help us on what to write.I learned it by writing the narrative.about what three things that I would do if A baby could turn people invisible.

My story.
what three things that I would do if A baby could turn people invisible

Hi guys my name is Ronaldo one day I thought to myself  what three things I would if babies could turn people invisible, I think very hard in my head what would I do if  babies could turn people invisible. It is just too hard I mean how is that possible.

But if it is possible I would do, I would find out where the closest baby live near me  then I will make him/her make me invisible.Then I would go and prank my friends or brother by making them think I am a ghost because if you are invisible they can only hear you not see you. I won't be too sad to my brothers because I wouldn't do it to them everyday I would only do it if they make me mad.

The last thing I would do is…. to stay away from my friends because they are going to be mad at me because I pranked them allot.I would also think about getting new friends because I don't think they would want to be my friends.

Wow! guys that was awesome  I really didn't think that could think of anything. Now I really know what to do if that was possible. But I don't like being invisible for one reason because I might go too far.

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