Monday, 18 December 2017

wharepuni / home

LI:To write the differences  between my house and a wherepuni.

For this activity I had to write the differences between my house and a wherepuni.  One differences is that they don't have lots of room it only has one big room and my house has lots of room for example a kitchen.A second differences is that the wherepuni has design and my house has no design. One similarity  is both has shelter.One other similarity is that both of them have door.

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  1. Hi Motjaba,
    I really like how you added a LI in your post. By adding a LI you are indicating a clear focus and that helps your followers to understand what you are writing about.
    My house also doesn't look like a wharepuni but I wish it did. I would love to have some maori carvings design and also a big front porch.
    For the future consider the possibility to add an image of your writing topic as this can add interest and make your post even more engaging.
    Keep up with your good work!

    Kia Kaha,