Sunday, 17 December 2017

Waka ama

LI:To learn what waka ama is 

A fun fact about NZ is that they still use waka's for transport and sport.For this activity we had to write why we want or don't want to be a waka ama racer.I don't want to be a waka ama racer because I don't like to race in the water also I am scared of the sea animals in the sea. I have bean in a boat in the sea before it scares me.

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photo by Wikimedia commons   cc by some rights reserved.

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  1. Hi Mojtaba,
    I agreed with you, it is great that here in New Zealand they are still using the waka (mainly as a sport), as I do think it really helps to value and preserve our culture. I like how you state your position very clear saying that you would rather not do the race. However, the fact the you are into soccer does not really relates to the topic, because you can be into soccer and be also into water sports. In order for you to gain full 10 points in this activity it would be good for you to expand a bit more, such as what are your reasons for not liking race in the water? Have you tried before?
    Kia Kaha,