Sunday, 17 December 2017

three facts about Maui

LI:To find three facts about Maui

Toady I did a summer learning journey activate this activate was about Maui. I rad a story about Maui and the giant fish. It was about Maui wanting to go fishing with his older brothers.But his brother would all ways make an excuse like that he is to young to come. But Maui wanted to prove to them that he is a good fisherman.When Maui tricked his brother and went into there canoe and hid none of his brother notes him.When Maui heard his brother punting down the anchor he surprise his brother.And that was when he did the Karakia and his brother caught lots of fish.And than he said my turn he asked his brother's for a bait for his hook. But his brother's laughed even more. So Maui punched himself hard as on his nose and got his own blood on the hook and he caught a giant fish

My first fact is that was skinny at the time he went fishing.
My second fact is that the giant fish that Maui caught became known to be the north island of NZ.
And my last fact is that the canoe of Maui is the south island of NZ.

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  1. Kia ora Mojtaba,
    My name is Patricia Santos and I will be blogging with you for the Summer Learning Journey.
    I like how you framed the story before went on to list the 3 facts about Maui. It is great that you remember that Maui was skinny. This story reminds me that, sometimes, people can doubt our ability to do specific things and how important is for us to always believe in ourselves, don't you agree?!

    Have you though about what would have happened if Maui had listened to his brothers and cut the line?

    Keep up with your great work and I am looking forward to working together on this programme.

    Take care & be well,